10 Key takeaways for health professionals in the NDC’s People’s Manifesto- Sammy Gyamfi writes


Sammy Gyamfi the National Communication Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has outlined 10 Key takeaways for health professionals in the NDC’s People’s Manifesto.

If you could remember Talks Africa Media yesterday published some 10 key benefits for teachers in addition are the takeaways for the professional health workers outlined by the National Democratic Congress National Communication Officer Sammy Gyamfi

Read the full 10 Key takeaways for health professionals in the NDC’s People’s Manifesto

  1. implement tax waivers in order to assist health workers to acquire means of transport (Vehicles) to respond to emergency calls.

  2. establish a housing scheme for health workers and provide residential facilities at all health facilities for health workers.

  3. revise and expand the definition of frontline workers and harmonize disparities in the salaries and conditions of work of health workers.

  4. amend the National Pensions Act, to allow health professionals who have contributed to SSNIT for 10 years and above, to collateralize their contributions for mortgage loans.

  5. employ the backlog of all unemployed qualified health professionals.

  6. support health professionals with insurance to cushion them from unintended consequences of their practice.

  7. support bilateral and other exchange programmes for our health personnel to expose them to best practices around the world, whiles supporting the pursuit of professional development by health workers.

  8. establish a Professor Jacob Plange-Rhule Endowment Fund for medical and surgical specialists training.

  9. scale up the training of Physician Assistants and emergency physicians, as well as create more jobs for community nurses and other health professionals through the implementation of free primary health care.

  10. institute a National Health Workers’ Day and establish an award scheme for deserving individual workers and best facilities (including private sector facilities).


Muftaw Iddrisu | Talks Africa Media



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