Government providing 275 ambulances commendable – Mubarak Muntaka

Member of Parliament for Asawase constituency Mubarak Muntaka has commended the government’s effort to distribute 275 ambulances to various health institutions in the country.

He said this while addressing the press at the National Democratic Congress Headquarters in Accra.

Mr. Muntaka noted that it is very commendable that the president and his government have taken the initiative to distribute these ambulances but it doesn’t change the fact that the president has failed abysmally in delivering his promises to Ghanaians.

“The ambulances distribution is very commendable but if you lie your way to power,  your own policies will expose you”…he noted.

The press briefing comes up on the back of what the president said in his address yesterday.


Earlier this year, the president announced the distribution of some ambulances that were shipped into the country to enhance health care. The announcement was made by the president to answer a series of questions asked by Ghanaians on the reasons why the country was lacking ambulance services to facilitate health care.

Health professionals, we’re trained upon the arrival of the ambulances on how to operate it to help sustain the patient while he or she is being transported to the nearest health facility to access health care.

By Amos Ekow Coffie

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