George Loh debunk rumours of partaking in Volta registration pilot


NDC Volta regional vice chairman George Loh has stated that he was not the only member who took part in the ongoing Volta registration pilot exercise organized by the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC). 

He said this to make their arguments on why the new register is not a necessity for the 2020 general elections. He defended his case following hearsay that he betrayed his party by partaking in the process, the NDC party has been firmly opposing and protesting for some months now.

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He insisted that he only took part in the pilot voter registration process conducted on 2nd June 2020 because he needed facts to back the party’s claims against the EC.

“So if they are piloting what they are saying are new machines, don’t we deserve to know what kind of things they are doing and if there are any hunky punky games, we prepare ourselves? So all those doing mischief with the thing should stop because the card they even gave is a dummy card. I cannot even use it for any election,”… he added.

According to George Loh, the whole process is defective, which he explained that he spent almost 20 minutes in the process because tables and chairs were being moved around because of the rains. He also said they were told of facial recognition but he didn’t see any facial recognition device.

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He continued that the most important thing of the exercise is that it is a confirmation of the party’s stance as they are on the right path in opposing a totally new voters register.

George Loh said he deliberately told them “I don’t have NIA card and passport” and they had to look for people to vouch for him which took so long and therefore the registration is problematic.

He stated that the party is vindicated with their claims.

Source: Citinewsroom

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