“Playing the League behind closed doors is not going to be easy” – Harry Zakour

Former Hearts of Oak Board Chairman, Harry Zakour, has added his voice to the ongoing conversation about how best to resume the Ghana Premier League.

Zakour stated that it would be difficult to play the league behind closed doors and he is worried as there is no end date in sight for the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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“It’s not easy, it’s not going to be easy and this virus it’s not going to be today or tomorrow, only we have to take good care of ourselves”

He also stated his worried that broadcasters would not be willing to broadcast matches during the ongoing crisis.

“I don’t know how many TV stations are going to agree because they will ask for some money and who is going to pay them” …..he noted

“Because if you look at the German league the stadium is empty, you only see the players, you don’t even see some photographers and all this is not easy.”…he added

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Harry Zakour changed the fortunes of Accra Hearts of Oak both in Ghana and in the African continent at large before trading football administration for a political adventure.  

By Leroy Hawkson | Head of Sports 

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