Resuming Football too Expensive – Sports Ministry

Ghana has been without sports especially football since March 2020 following the presidents directive of banning all public gatherings, including sporting events in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fast forward, today the government seems to be easing its restrictions on sports activities allowing individual non-contact sports to resume training but this sadly does not include football.

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Speaking at the press briefing in Accra, the Youth and Sports Minister,  Isaac Asiamah earlier today, revealed that the cost to resume football activities is too large.

“I’d charged or directed the NSA (National Sports Authority) boss to look at even playing it in empty stadia across the country, the figure he quoted was a huge challenge, because it’s not only about going to play, putting in place and observing all these precautionary measures and in our environment is it possible for us to play football without our supporters. So, these are the issues we are considering.” …he stated.

The Minister also added that money isn’t the only issue, but he is also worried about the health of the players.

“For me, it’s not only about the money, but it’s also about the lives of our footballers, how do we ensure that they are safe at all these league centres. So, it is an issue and we are still resolving it.”…he noted.

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Isaac Asiamah also hinted that his confident in the current, Football Association’s leadership stating that they can overcome the situation at hand.

“The FA let me be honest with you, they have the capacity to overcome this COVID challenge and I have every confidence in the capacity of this FA President [Kurt Okraku], we have had several engagements on the way forward of our football.”

By Leroy Hawkson | Head of Sports

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