Ho Regional Model school gets a new borehole

A pipe-borehole water, has been commissioned at the Ho Regional Model school to provide clean drinking water for students and the community at large.

This came after a call made by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) executives of the school, to provide clean potable drinking water to enhance water accessibility.

The Chairman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Management Committee of the school, Dr. Wovenu Mawutor, who commissioned the borehole said, the water situation in the school was very challenging because some school children had to go home to drink water anytime they were thirsty and that he said, delayed learning processes.

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According to him, the school with a student population of over one thousand  did not have good drinking water and therefore relied on an unclean source of water which was not safe for consumption.

Though water is essential to maintain life, the school was faced with acute water shortage, which sometimes forces the pupils to go home for water”….he said.

Rev. Dr. Wovenu Mawutor noted that the school had been in existence for over ten years but lacked potable water for human consumption.

“The borehole will provide free flow of water all day”….he reiterated.

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The Ho Municipal Director for Education, Mr. Raphel Amenyoasked all teachers to work hard and do more to improve the lives of students in the school.

He said that it was every teachers wish to see the students they teach to become important people in the future and to avoid being embarrassed by the same students they taught.


“We must ensure that we teach the students with passion and avoid favouritism by making students our friends to avoid embarrassment”…..he advised.

“As a teacher, the most important thing is to have a good name”….he added

By Agnes Melissa Yovo | Volta Region

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