KP Boateng says more should be done about Racism

German-born Ghanaian midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng says more should be done to curb racism.

Prince Boateng who is no stranger to racism himself is suffering racial abuse on the pitch from fans.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Prince Boateng noted that,  although he is happy with the support being garnered against racism, there is more to be done.

“Now it comes out this ‘Black Out Tuesday’ it’s not enough that everybody is just posting a black picture now, it’s too easy because people are scared to stand for something, say something because of their sponsorship or followers”

“I know that and I see them but why are you not saying something? A black picture is way too easy. I am even made at the picture even if it’s a beautiful message, but I am just mad because people have it so easy.” …..He further stated

Boateng recently supported Mario Balotelli after he was racially abused by fans in a game “6 years later NOTHING has changed but we don’t give up! Let’s keep fighting ALL TOGETHER against racism! #NOTORACISM #prince10 #handmade”.

By Leroy Hawkson | Head of Sports

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