Residents cry as Dodowa market demolishing claims dozens f property

Residents of Dodowa are currently wailing with tears as their central market is being demolished. The residents woke up to a rather sad day than usual as they couldn’t do anything to stop the demolishing but to look on while their property and goods get destroyed.

In the early hours of Saturday 6th, June 2020 at about 3:00 am while the town settlers were still in bed the demolish exercise started with excavators and other demolishing materials being used to pull the current market structure.

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According to reports, the demolishing exercise is as a result of governments promise to expand the old market for traders, the announcement of a new market to be constructed was announced by the Shai-Osoduku district last year.

The new development came as a piece of good news to some settlers but to others, it is uncalled. However, traders were relocated by the District directorate to a new place to use while the construction is ongoing.

Speaking to , a trader Sister Nana stated that, they were informed about it but they didn’t know it will happen so soon.

“It is not a surprise to see this happening today. The government has prompted us about the development of the new market for long. Though the idea of building a new market was known to us, we never knew it was this year. The district played a major role in announcing throughout last year to us that the long-awaited development of the market will commence in January 2020. The development was retarded due to the coronavirus pandemic and we all here were aware that just after the pandemic work will commence. Market users were told to vacate the market to a new place where the district has suggested, only a few went and others vacated leaving their stores or some of their belongings and today they are crying because it is being destroyed by the market developers”. 

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Mr Roland an eye-witness also stated that, he couldn’t sleep after hearing the noise of the excavators in the area so he had to to go and check it out.

“I woke up around 3:30 am and heard the noise of a caterpillar working in the market place. And that made me curious to come out and all I saw was the caterpillar clearing the market for an empty space to start development. People who heard it earlier were here before I came and they said the demolishing started around 3:00 am while the town slept. I believe that the motive behind starting the work at the said time was to prevent the market users’ form protesting or retarding their work. Some of the market women are here to clear their store before the workmen get to it. Those who were unlucky had all their stores and goods destroyed before they arrived.”


Dodowa is a suburb of the city of Accra the capital of Ghana. The town is known by many across the country as a historical town. It is known for its engagement in ancient wars and its forest reserve which the masses classify as dangerous and spiritual.

By Albert O. Adormson | Dodowa, Accra. 

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