Actions must be taken to end rape cases -Founder for Nupez foundation

Truly outraged by the atrocities been perpetrated by men against women and countless records of racism against black people. It is totally inequitable and contradicts the reason for humanity.

It is time to look into how boys are raised to be Men. Placing much focus on the girl child while unwittingly neglecting the education, grooming, teaching and training of the boy child who grows into adulthood in our society.

They grow up becoming entitled, selfish, wicked and unreasonable.  Be it Educated or not, influential or not, with power, position and advantage or not.

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Men who are deprived in their minds regardless of their environment will unleash pain to the defenceless, vulnerable and unprotected whiles, walking away free in a corrupt and evil world.

All their evil tendencies are merely amplified by what they have or don’t have. It is essential to note that whoever they are today is as a result of the programming society has given them and its time for that same society to consciously decide to influence the minds of the male fraternity.

Say no to RAPE or Attempted Rape or any other kind of rape. No is NO. We at Nupez Hub are using our voice to stand against Injustice, Rape and all forms of wickedness against women. The narrative must change now! Until we raise our male children with a better mindset, rape and other related sexual violence against women will never end no matter the level or amount of anti-rape laws we advocate for.

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Nupez Hub is calling on all, to start advocating for the empowering and proper grooming of the male child even as we advocate for stringent measures and laws to curb rape and injustice against women.

By Victoria Amankwah | Accra, Ghana

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