Ernesto Yeboah granted bail after being arrested on Saturday night

Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, has been granted bail after being arrested by the security operatives at the Black Star Square in Accra on Saturday.

The political activist was leading a vigil against police brutality amid similar protests in the USA after killing of African-American, George Floyd.

In a video, Ernesto Yeboah was seen addressing participants on the need to end police brutality among other issues. The vigil was said to be very peaceful until the police and military intercepted.

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According to a viral video trending online, a lady was heard in an amateur footage shouting, “stop arresting us, oh my God!” as Mr Yeboah stumbles and falls over a motorbike while engaged in a heated argument with the security team.

According to a JoyNews report before his arrest, Ernesto Yeboah said he felt very embarrassed by the actions of the security operatives adding that never have we been inhibited or prevented from holding such sessions only when it came to solidarising with black people all over the world and especially black people in America.

“The state appears so inept. The state appears to have made a total fool of themselves to the rest of the world… What message are you supposed to send to the world given the fact that we have a constitution that talks about notifying the police about gatherings like this within seven days.”

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“When a black person is oppressed or maltreated in America or Europe, that also speaks to our reality that no matter what we do, we are never going to be respected.”…he added.

Security operatives later whisked him away after the altercation. The other protesters are headed to the Ministries police station where it is believed he would be held.

By Amos Ekow Coffie | News Editor | @amosekowcoffie1

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