Update: NIA Reschedule card distribution

The National Identification Authority said the rescheduling is to ensure that all the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are distributed to the various registration centres in the 16 regions of Ghana before the commencement with the process.

The National Identification Authority (NIA) announced that the Ghana Card Issuance Exercise scheduled to begin today, Monday 8th June 2020 in all 16 regions concurrently has been rescheduled to Wednesday 10th June 2020 to enable the NIA to complete the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Registration Centres, the statement said.

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In an earlier statement on 5th June, the NIA said it will provide adequate PPE’s for all NIA field officials for use during the exercise.

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They assured that they will provide personal protective equipment’s (PPEs) for all NIA field officials to use during the exercise.

The rescheduling of the issuance process that is stipulated to start today 8th June to Wednesday 10 June is as a result of the inability of the NIA to finish the distribution of the Personal protection equipment (PPE) for their field officials on time.

By Michael Abbey | Political Correspondent | @maldo2k4




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