KOFIH donates vehicles to support health care in Krachi

Two Nissan vehicles have been donated to deprived communities to help reduce maternal deaths and facilitate monitoring, to support health delivery.

The vehicles estimated to cost GHc300,000.00, is to enhance the mode of health delivery in Ghana and to reduce maternal and child deaths.

They were donated to the Volta Regional Health Directorate (VRHD) and the Krachi West district of Oti Regional Health Directorate for monitoring.

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This became necessary after a call was made to KOFIH, a Non-for Profit Organisation, through the Ministry of Health.

In an interview with Country Director for Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH), Hyejin Jung noted that there was a call on the Korean government to provide assistance in the area of healthcare, and that led to the bilateral collaboration with the government of Ghana, to enhance the mode of health delivery.

She said many pregnant women die before and during childbirth because they are unable to get to the health centres on time, due to poor road networks, unavailability of transport systems and health centres.

She also said, KOFIH prioritizes more on the need for access to quality healthcare. She said for instance, the Oti region was a newly created region, that is under developed, and therefore needs attention.

“Access to good healthcare is what every country wants for its people, I hope that the vehicles would be of good use to these deprived communities”, she said.

She added that the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare was not only providing vehicles to support the health facilities, but it would also renovate,  equipp and strengthen health sectors accross the country.

She called on the health directorates to increase supervision and monitoring, as that was the only way to locate a health problem for it to be addressed.

She again called on them to manage the vehicles, by maintaining for its intended purpose so as to facilitate monitoring to the districts, sub districts and in- house facilities in both regions.

In his remarks, Oti Regional Director of Health Service, Dr. Emmanuel Dzotsi, thanked the Korean government for its timely response to the call to help provide quality healthcare to the people.

He said the Krachi West district is a deprived area, with many maternal and child deaths.

“The provision of the vehicles would help the directorate travel to far reached areas to save lives”, he added.

Dr. Dzotsi said construction of a regional health directorate by government was still in process. He called on NGOs to provide assistance such as a temporal office, financial support and logistics to monitoring.

That, he said, would ensure that maternal deaths is reduced and every hard to reach community is visited.

For his part, Deputy Director, Clinical Care for Volta Region, Mr. Robert Adatsi said the investment made by KOFIH, would strengthen the health systems and reduce maternal mortalities in the region.

He plegded to support supervision from the regional level to improve performance.


KOFIH, a Non-for Profit Organisation supports the Ghanaian health sector. Every year, KOFIH disburses USD500,000 to providing quality healthcare for the benefit  of the people.

Since 2013, KOFIH has helped communities in Ghana, by supporting the Ghana Health Service, together with the Korean government, strategise ways to solving health issues in the country.

By Agnes Melissa Yovo |  HO, Volta Region

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