I see myself as an international artist -Bomba Music

Rising Ghanaian Afro-pop/ reggae singer, Bomba music has disclosed that he sees himself as an international act in the music industry.

Speaking to TalksAfrica.com the singer explained that he is expecting some International collaborations as he has already got some collaborations from France, Belgium, Jamaica, and South Africa.


In an interview with Talksafrica.com, the singer he encountered many challenges in the industry.

According to the singer, he gets comments from some friends and family who thinks he needs to have another job aside doing music which he finds funny.

That, he said, any musician would find funny too.

He added that some friends try to stop being close to him because they feel he’s confused.

“It is very challenging you know, Family wise, work-wise, relationships wise. When you are making music you need to get a job.

“You know your mother will say you need to get a job, your girlfriend will say you need to get a job and some of your friends will even stop getting close to you because they feel you’re confused, you don’t know what you’re doing”, he said.

However, he comes from a good music background so his mother and brother always support him as well as some friends.

Bomba music has recently released a song dubbed “Desire “.
By Fuseina Issaka | TalksAfrica.com

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