Muntari was nearly sacked from camp at the 2010 World Cup – Richard Kingson


Ex-Ghana international goalkeeper Richard Kingson has said his colleague Sulley Ali Muntari was almost axed from camp during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Sulley Muntari has been at the centre of many controversies in the camp of the Black Stars.

The former AC Milan player lost his first-team role and started only one game which was against Uruguay in the quarterfinals during the 2010 world cup in South Africa


According to Kingson, his teammate was almost sacked from camp for alleged verbal abuse of then Coach Milovan Rajevac. He explained that the player’s anger was as a result of the outcome of their game against Australia in the World Cup

“We drew 1-1 with Australia and Sulley Muntari was not happy about the scoreline. After the game we were in the dressing room, Sulley didn’t play that game, he was on the bench so after the game, he was not happy about the result and was talking in the dressing room, he was talking in twi and Italia and he didn’t understand why we should draw with an Australia team with one man down,”

He revealed that, the then Coach Milovan Rajevac stated that he wants the player out of his camp with immediate effect but the players objected to that claim.

“When we went back to the hotel the news came in that the Coach said he wanted Sulley out of his camp because he has insulted him. So I decided to ask my teammates who spoke the Italia language. , I don’t know whether the coach  understood Italia,  he said Sulley had to leave and we said No he should let Sulley stay, he can decide not to play him but shouldn’t sack him from camp”

The Ex Wigan Athletic Keeper also revealed how some officials and the top players in the team had to interact with the coach to rescind his decision.

“The man still insisted Sulley must leave and we kept begging him even including Mr Nyantakyi. He was there; Fred Pappoe was there including some of the senior players and the interpreter of the Coach. We begged him. The Coach kept insisting Sulley leaves and if Sulley left it was also going to affect us so finally, I told him that if Sulley leaves then I will also leave,” he added.

Richard Kingson kept the post to aid Ghana to a quarterfinals berth.

By Talks Africa Media

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