NSS Personnel trained in Forex Trading

Over five hundred national service personnel have been taken through an online forex trading to benefit from the over US$6.6 trillion daily global financial markets.

The training was spearheaded by the Forex Trading Academy, an online forex training institute in Accra which was in collaboration with the Greater Accra National Service Personnel Association (NASPA).
Participants across the country were introduced to guidelines, regulations, platforms and some best practices to succeed in trading. The online forex is an alternative for graduates as they enter the job market in an era of COVID-19 that has to grind most companies to a halt. Tutor for the seminar was Mr Glover as he entreated young people to embrace the gig economy where they can build skills to provide services to multiple entities without necessarily being employed by a single firm.

One of such ways is the ability to analyze financial markets, to buy or sell currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds or futures. He added that doing this will lead to financial freedom.
“It is a path to financial freedom, and anyone can trade in the comfort of their home at their home at their personal, convenient times,”

Employees and job seekers were also advised to make good use of the internet especially their mobile phones during the crises to make a living via online exchange platforms without moving to and fro in search for a job.

“Your smartphone can connect you easily to the global financial market and you will start making revenue with the right training, mentorship and information,“ Forex Analyst and Director of FxAcademy and Consultancy, Lennis Glover, told an audience of about 500.

This has prompted the FxAcademy to train people to be independent online forex traders who have an advantage in filling roles in research, trading floors, risk management and compliance, among others.

Forex Trading

Players in sectors that require such skills include exchanges, banks, corporate treasuries; investment firms. COVID-19 has caused mass redundancies, downsizing and closure of operations by several firms. Over 20 million people have lost their jobs due to the novel coronavirus in Africa whilst in Ghana, over 500,000 people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic

Paa Kweku Eshun|Talks Africa Media

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