General Secretary of Lebanon dies after a heavy explosion in Bierut


The General Secretary of Lebanon’s Kataeb Party, Nizar Najarian had died due to a blast that happened Tuesday evening.


He suffered hours after succumbing to wounds suffered during the explosions that rocked Downtown Beirut, the Lebanese capital.

The blast damaged balconies and blew out windows miles away, with the explosion heard across the city and some districts losing electricity.

According to local reports, the enormous explosion that erupted near the Beirut waterfront, sent an immense shockwave tearing through downtown neighbourhoods.

Reports also say that it seems that normal Industrial Ports works got out of control.


Lebanon’s Head of General Security says the blast was caused by a fire in a depot of highly explosive material, including Sodium nitrate, at Beirut’s port.

He said that material was confiscated from a ship months ago and stored there.

The President of the Lebanese Red Cross, Georges Kettaneh, referred to “hundreds of wounded” in a statement on Lebanese LBC television.

He said that hundreds of people who were injured in the Beirut port blast were taken to hospitals but many remained trapped in homes damaged by the explosion.

By Agnes Melissa Yovo |

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