Kofi Amoah should be blamed for GFA,Palmer dispute – Abbey Pobee

Ace Football Administrator, Mr. Jonathan Abbey Pobee, has taken a swipe at the chairman of the then normalization committee Dr Kofi Amoah for the ongoing impasse between the Ghana Football Association and Wilfred Kweku Osei “Palmer”.

Speaking at Accra FM Mr. Pobee indicated that, the decision of the Normalization Committee not to grant Osei Palmer an appeal hearing after his disqualification was ill-advised.He stressed that Dr. Kofi Amoah never helped the football community as he believed proper structures should have been in place to see a proper Ghana football Association.

“I don’t expect anything because it won’t help Ghana football in any way. It’s the same old story. They all belong to one family. Dr. Kofi Amoah didn’t help us. He didn’t normalize Ghana football well. All the blame should even go to Dr. Kofi Amoah. He didn’t listen to Palmer’s appeal, which has brought all these problems. “He said

He further entreated the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to give out a fair verdict.

“Well, I think CAS should be in a position to give a good ruling. We hope and pray that they will go by the rules and regulations of both FIFA and CAF to give a fair judgment.”.

Osei Palmer was disqualified on ethical grounds from contesting in the 2019 Ghana Football Association Elections by the Lawyer Frank Davies led Vetting Committee.The court of arbitration for sports has postponed the verdict on two occasions.The final verdict according to them will be out on September 1,2020.

Paa Kweku Eshun|Talksafrica.com

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