AY Poyoo explains interesting stories about his fame and lifestyle

Comic singer Emmanuel Yaw Yeboah, popularly known as AY Poyoo has shared some interesting stories about his lifestyle and fame on “The Delay’s Show”.

According to the comic singer , his stage name, Poyoo is derived from rhyming with his boss’ nickname which is Sporto, so he thought Sporto and Poyoo rhymes so well and decided to add Poyoo to his name

Poyoo believes he can never be a sensational singer and actor because he had planned so well before he entered the industry and explained he is very passionate about his job that he always has a book with him and writes stories out of what he sees around him which he thinks are funny just to create good content for his fans

However, Poyoo stated that he has been discouraged several times by his close friends but does has not moved him much since he believes so much in himself and is very confident and sees the future to be bright for him
He added that he would only stop his comic singing career when Ghanaians beg him to stop and decide to him for a pension fee
Click on the link below to watch the full interview


By Fuseina Issaka |TalksAfrica.com|

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