Ketu South Voter Registration on course – EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) has said its attention has been drawn to a video by aspiring Member of Parliament, Dzifa Gomashie claiming that the Voter Registration exercise had discontinued to make way for the Ghana Card registration.


In a statement issued by the Commission, it said the commission finds the statement from aspiring MP, Dzifa Gomashie very unfortunate.

The EC said the statement by the aspiring MP has the tendency of creating unnecessary tensions and disaffection of the EC and its staff.

The statement noted that the voter exercise was taking place at the RC primary school in Viepke in Ketu South whereas the National Identification Authority mop up exercise was also taking place at the R/C church which is more than 100 metres away.

The statement said the EC urges people to disregard the contents of the said video “as the allegations are baseless and unfounded”.

The Commission reiterated that their cardinal goal is to ensure that eligible voters are captured on the electoral roll.

“We need to put systems in place to ensure that happens”, the statement added.

The statement concluded that the EC encourages all eligible voters who have not voted to get registered.


Meanwhile, District offices have been opened for people aged above 50 and other security officers and citizens who have not registered to get to register.

This will take place from Saturday, August 8, 2020 and Sunday, August 9, 2020.
By Agnes Melissa Yovo |

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