US imposes sanctions on Hong Kong leader Lam 

The United States has imposed sanctions on Hongkong for curtailing political freedom in the country.
It also imposed sanctions on Chinese authorities and Hongkong Police Commissioner, Chris Tang; and his predecessor, Stephen Lo, Hongkong Secretary of Security, John Lee Ka-chiu and the Justice secretary, Teresa Cheng.
The sanctions were imposed under an executive order signed by the Chinese government and the US last month.
It was to punish China for its moves against dissent in Hongkong and are the latest action by his administration against Beijing in the run-up to his November re-election bid.
According to the US Treasury Department, the Beijin imposition of draconian security legislation undermines Hongkong’s autonomy.
The department added that the imposition allowed mainland security services to operate with impunity, which set the ground for censorship of any individuals or outlets that are deemed unfriendly to China.
“Carrie Lam is the chief executive directly responsible for implementing Beijing’s policies of suppression of freedom and democratic processes”, the US treasury department said.
Secretary to the US Treasury, Steven Mnuchin in a statement said, the US will use its tools and authorities to target those undermining their autonomy.
“The United States stands with the people of Hongkong”, he said.
Last month, Hongkong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam elections by a year due to Coronavirus cases.
Meanwhile, daily tensions have increased between the US and China.
China said it opposes the executive order that Trump announced, that is to ban transactions with the Chinese owners of the TikTok app.
By Agnes Melissa Yovo |


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