Police on a hunt for members of a sextortion group

The Police Criminal and Investigation Department (CID) is on a manhunt for members of a sextortion and pornography syndicate, Empressleaks.

The Empressleaks website administrator was arrested for extortion related to nude pictures including the leader.
According to the Police CID, members of the pornography syndicate are believed to be blackmailing people and extorting money from them.
The suspect, Anderson Ofosu Hene Amin, aged 35 years, was accused by the police of using the website to publish nude pictures and videos of people.
The arrest of the administrator of the Empressleak website was a joint operation by the Cyber Crime Unit of the CID and Ministry of Communications.
According to the Cyber Crime Unit of the Ghana Police, the arrest is said to be a revenge pornographic website administered from Ghana.
The Police said the suspect operated the website for five years from his home in Osino in the Eastern Region.
He has been charged with the offence of child pornography, extortion of money, obscenity and money laundering.
Minister for Communications, Ursula Owusu-Akuffo stressed that there has been been an increase in cybercrimes in the country.
She said her ministry is, therefore, undertaking steps to end the crime.
By Agnes Melissa Yovo | Talksafrica.com

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