Edem celebrates his mom in new album titled Mood Swings

Award wining Ghanaian rapper and song writer, Denning Edem Hotor known by his profession as Edem has released an album celebrating his late mom and is dubbed “Mood Swings”

The album contains 6 songs, Love you ;Kpo ;Money; Efo Kojo; In Ghana; and Chidi

In a live interview this morning, Wednesday August 12,2020 on the Hitz fm’s #Daybreakhitz, the rapper shared an inspiring story about how how he came to understand himself after reflecting on some advise his late mom gave him. He added that now that he is growing, he is beginning to understand and analyze some of the things his mom used to say to him and explained that the album is about opening up to his pain of loosing her that he never recovered from but didn’t really attend to

According to Edem, his mom used to tell him about how everything in life is full of colors and how he shouldn’t avoid any of the colors in life because she believed once a person avoids any of the colors in life, one will not get to the rainbow since the rainbow is made with all the colors.
He gave an instance where especially in our Ghanaian cultures we usually wear white when someone gives birth and wear black when we are sad due to a loss of our loved ones.

Also, the rapper believes many people see great men and give credit to whoever raised them so he thought why not give credit to the people who have largely contributed and impacted his journey. Adding to this, Edem expressed how emotional he gets whenever he sees people in the front seats of their car with their mothers and celebrate Valentine’s Day and other occasions with their mothers.

For those who do not know, Edem lost his mom few weeks before his B.E.C.E and like in a typical Ghanaian home was forced to hide his emotions since it’s said that “Men do not cry”. This made him continue to hide his pain until his dad also died while he was writing his S.S.C.E

However, speaking in the interview on Daybreak Hitz, Edem explained that he did his new album,”Mood Swings “ hoping to make his late mom proud and also tell people to be open about their pain and emotions because he believes it is a better way for one to fully embrace life especially when society does not make one express their emotions well.
“My greatest fear is building a legacy and not raising my kids right so they destroy it “, he said after being asked what his greatest fear is in life

Watch visuals of his new album on his YouTube channel @ iamEdem

By Fuseina Issaka |TalksAfrica.com|

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