Bhimnatives fires shots at Yaa Pono for doing this….

Ghana’s best-loved freestyle hip-hop artists Yaa Pono has being attacked vehemently  for passing ill-comment about BET award-winning dancehall artist Stonebwoy for allegedly “punching” Sarkodie’s manager popularly called Angel Town in the face and injuring him in the process.

The hip-hop artist, Yaa Pono in reaction to news about the incident that ensued between Bhim nation President and Sarknation Manager, took to his social media wall specifically twitter to tweet a comment, he said ” 1,2 gun 1,2 gun the day u go hear 3,4 u go dey have a discussion with echo”. However, this comment did not go down well with Stonebwoy’s Bhimnatives which resulted in counterattacks.

Some of the comments passed by the bhimnatives include;  after Stonebwoy has stopped giving Yaa Pono hits he is now against him…Gradually becoming an underground artist”,  Yaa Pono’s collaboration with Stonebwoy won him his first-ever VGMA award, Can Yaa Pono, confidently count himself among the celebrities?[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”p61hjmibk3″ question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”1″][/wpdiscuz-feedback] Adding that he should go and find something else to do rather than falsing himself that he is doing music, among other reactions.


A comment that triggered Bhimnatives reactions



Below are the reactions from the Bhimnatives


@borbortorbb: “After Stonebwoy has stopped giving you hits you are now against him…Gradually becoming an underground artist”

@mr_dzidzienyo: “Your collaboration with Stonebwoy won you your first ever VGMA award I hope you know”


@AjAlbum: “Stonebwoy gave you ur first ever vgma AWARD”


@DelaBhim: “You too can you confidently count your self among the celebrities…go found something else to rather than falsing your self that you’re doing music…Gbemelevi”


@Kobby5519: “eiiii this underground artist too everyday u dey fool u do saaaa shatta nor mind u nsti u dey take go stonbowy too inn top u dey want hype ahh come mk i give u hype. jon boy”

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