COVID-19: We are beefing security over face mask wearing customers

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB), John Awuah has assured customers and banks that measures are being put in place behind the scenes to ensure the safety of customers against fraudsters and criminals.

As part of measures to prevent the spread of the virus, customers of all the banks are required to put on a face mask when they are entering the banking halls.

In line with this, there is a worrying trend in Ghanaian Banks currently over the fears that, criminals may hide behind the face mask to torment Ghanaian banks and their customers.

Mr Awuah said “You don’t see them physically but a lot are happening underground. Things have changed but we can’t give these security measures out,Banks in Ghana have scaled-up security in the midst of face-mask-wearing by customers following the coronavirus pandemic”

Paa Kweku Eshun

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