Manchester United…A clock ticking in Anticlockwise

Manchester United is undoubtedly one of the most successful English clubs in history and a big club in world football. The club has been graced by footballing legends including David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Paul Scholes. The club boast of one of the legendary coaches the game has ever seen in the person of Sir Alex Ferguson who brought to a close an illustrious managerial career in 2013.

Life after Sir Alex however, can be described as topsy turvy for the club for the majority of the time.

Post Ferguson Era..The error

Ferguson achieved so much for the club but one major facetious activity which was shockingly overlooked and still lingers around the Club was his inability to mentor a successor to his dynasty. The appointment of David Moyes was the sanction of the Anticlockwise ticking at Manchester United. It was a risky decision which felt flat mainly because Moyes lacked the belief and experience to meet the demands of his role. His credentials meant he was going to fail and he indeed failed. To put on record no amount of time given Moyes on the job will have made things work. It was meant to fail.

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Louis Van Gaal vrs Jose Mourinho

With the appointment of Van Gaal Manchester United had realised they need a drastic change to build a team and rightly so the man went straight to work making Manchester United competitive again, However with management failing to understand team building was not a 2 season wonder Van Gaal was eventually sacked despite FA cup success.

The club still believed they were a top-notch team they were and eventually settled on Jose Mourinho a born winner. The warning signs of a failing team but the appointment of Jose Mourinho covered those cracks. A trophy-laden first season at the club where they won Europa league coupled with a struggle in the league was brushed aside with the European cup win.

The second season saw a distance second-place finish and a poor European campaign. The dire was cast finally in the 3rd season where winning became a challenge for the club. Again like much other weak management, they opted for a coach sack rather than a reality check. Ole Gunner solskjaer was subsequently appointed and the story has not changed.

Why is Manchester United Struggling?

With such value and wealth, Manchester United should never struggle. The team is, however, struggling because of poor administrative decisions and poor recruitment of personnel.
Players are signed at exorbitant transfer fees. However, a club like Manchester United should know that player price tag is not synonymous to good performance. The problems have been from poor quality recruits, uncommitted players and player-manager brawls which have been detrimental to the club. The supposed marquee signings have all turned to be ordinary players with Harry Maguire been the latest culprit. A world Expensive defender who has shown nothing but poor decision making and poor positioning on the field.

What next for Manchester United

A depleted and dejected squad is what best describes the squad.under its current manager the team has often shown glimpses of hope which fades just when belief is attached to the squad. The inclusion of Bruno Fernandez brought a new aura with a string of good performances but as has been the case they again flatter to deceive.

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Manchester United should stick to a proper recruitment policy which should be well-coordinated but not to sign just any highly-priced player. Greenwood’s performances have given the opportunity for the club to look at it youth development system as it has potential to help the club. Ole Gunner may be a club legend but I still believe he came for this position too early and still lacks what it takes to manage Manchester United better. Going forward signings should be of reputable quality and commitment to the club. Pogba has often been criticised for a lack of commitment which I struggle to believe although I see a player who has no leader to look up to.

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Manchester United today lacks a leader on the field and I believe Maguire has shown no potential of being the leader Manchester United need. Manchester United may have made it to top three in England but their exploits over the last few years have been nothing but a dissatisfaction looking at a club that won 13 EPL titles between 1993 and 2012.
Manchester United will rise again but the time is unknown as the club keeps taking steps in both the positive and negative directions.

By Abel Ofori

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