Leave Mahama to his promises, we’re correcting his mess- Freddie Blay

The National Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay has remarked that the former president John Mahama is only ‘babbling’ over issues of development, with his promises of building a better Ghana if Ghanaians grant him the opportunity to be the President of the Republic of Ghana in the coming elections.

Speaking on Takoradi based radio station Skyy Power FM, Mr Freddie Blay argued that it is questionable of John Mahama given the mess he created during his tenure to ever come up with ‘flattering’ promises of developing the nation.

Mr. Blay blamed John Mahama and the NDC for not being responsive to the crisis they plunged the country into, adding the Akufo Addo government has had to take the burden of restoring the economy and improve lives for the Ghanaian people.

“It took a long time to repair the damage they caused the economy… they took a short time to mess it up. Luckily we have Akufo Addo and the NPP government to correct the mistakes. It has to take time to stabilize the economy, to bring down the racing cedi. The banking sector was messed up”

“Things would have been very bad. As far as 2015, the NDC government has been warned that the banking sector is in danger and they did nothing about it,” he said


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