Cape Coast needs fishing harbour not airport – Economist

Economics lecturer at the University of Ghana,Dr Ebo Turkson has entreated the New Patriotic Party to focus on building a fishing harbour in Cape Coast.

Speaking on Morning Starr on Monday, He said what the Central region needs is a fishing harbour adding that building a main harbour was not relevant.

“I think the importance of building a harbor in Cape Coast is something that’s long overdue. When you talk about harbour in the Central Region, one will think about a fishing harbour,the fact that it will bring more fishing activities and employment to the Central Region is what I’m looking at. As for a harbour not in terms of fishing but for other activities, I won’t say it is very important.”

He added that,the promise to construct an airport in the central region, Dr Turkson said the government should rather focus on expanding railways and improving the road sector in the country instead building a new airport in Cape Coast.

“We should look at expanding the Takoradi airport and not siting a new one in the Central Region.We need to prioritize our infrastructure in such a way that the economic benefits will be enormous for the state. I’ll rather call for a very big fishing harbour and other things that help the people in the Central Region get out of poverty quickly”

“If I was going to advise government, I’ll suggest that we expand the Takoradi airport to an international one and build a fishing harbour in Cape Coast.”


The NPP on Saturday revealed that they will construct a new harbour and an Airport in the Central regional capital, Cape Coast if given another four year mandate in the upcoming December elections.

Speaking at the manifesto launch at the University of Cape Coast, the Vice President Dr Bawumia said it is very important that the central region gets it own airport to help with tourism and the development of the country.

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