Joe Mettle’s marriage will last because his wife is an Ewe-Counsellor Lutterodt

Controversial Ghanaian counsellor Lutterodt has said in an interview that Joe Mettle’s marriage will last because his wife is an Ewe.

Following the marriage of gospel musician, Joe Mettle who got married about two weeks ago, a lot of Ghanaians have had different opinions concerning his marriage on social media and other media platforms

Counsellor Lutterodt who was banned from appearing on TV shows some months ago concerning what he said about rape victims has also come out to give his opinions concerning the marriage of the gospel artiste and literally condemned some other tribes

According to Lutterodt, every man that gets married to an Ewe has a peaceful mind and explained that Ewe girls are the kinds who would stick to their spouse in good and bad times adding that Ashanti and Kwahu girls find it difficult to stick around their spouse in good and bad times while he praised Ga women for not allowing anyone know the difficulty they are going through
“Ga woman is also good because when you’re with one and you’re going through some difficulties they won’t let anyone know “, he said
However, he advised anyone in a tribal relationship to understand that their spouse is not from the same place as them and would require them to understand each other

By Fuseina Issaka ||

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