Ethiopia Airlines reaffirm commitment to NPC

Back in September 2019, the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) announced it had secured a sponsorship deal from one of the continents leading airlines, Ethiopia Airlines, which sees them become the NPC’s official flying sponsor.

As part of the deal, Ethiopian Airlines was set to send Ghana’s para-athletes to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, but with The Games rescheduled to 2021, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a change in management at Ethiopian Airlines, one would not be mistaken in thinking the deal would be voided, but according to General Secretary of the NPC, Peter Adjei, Ethiopian Airlines have reaffirmed their commitment to the committee.


“One of the first achievements that we were able to make headway on is to be able to get Ethiopian Airline to agree to become our flying partner, though there were a few glitches that delayed an actual signing, I think the agreement has already been prepared.”

“There was a change in management of the Ethiopian Airlines here in Ghana and so we had to reaffirm our relations with the current manager which went very well, and then as we were preparing to bring out or announce something very substantial COVID-19 also happened, but if you watch even our strategic plan that spans from 2019 to 2024 it is clearly stated Ethiopian Airlanes is our partner.”

Fears that many countries would miss out on next year’s Paralympic Games due to financial reasons have cast a cloud over the Para-sport movement but International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President, Andrew Parsons, in an interview with BBC Sports, revealed that the IPC is currently developing strategies and plans to ensure that no country misses the rescheduled Games for such reasons.


“We want to avoid a situation where a nation cannot compete because of finances,” Parsons told BBC Sport. “We are developing strategies and plans with governments, commercial partners and the Tokyo Organising Committee and are constantly in contact with the various National Paralympic Committees (NPCs).” He further stated

The Paralympic Games were supposed to kick off today 25th August 2020 in Tokyo, Japan but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The Games has been rescheduled to 24th August 2021.


by Leroy Hawkson|

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