Football is not a Political Party-Alhaji Grunsah

King Faisal president Alhaji Karim Grunsah has taken a swipe at football connoisseurs who intend to play politics with the sport.

The maverick former GFA executive member said politics will retard the sports.

The experienced football administrator made these assertion in response to the comments made by the President of Tema Youth FC, Wilfred Kwaku Osei urging clubs to boycott the upcoming Congress if the Ghana Football Association  [GFA] fails to present its financial statement to all clubs.

In line with that,some football clubs have decided to boycott the 26th edition of the Ghana Football Association congress.

According to Alhaji Grunsah the comments from his colleague show disrespect to the umbrella association.He also added that, considering his experience in the game there is no reason for him to boycott the congress due to those comments .

“it does not makes sense for King Faisal to boycott the congress,if we boycott the congress then were do we discuss issues concerning football in the country.I will go for the congress”He said

He described those boycotting the congress as naysayers and pessimist to the growth of the game in Ghana.He stressed that those against  the congress will fail.

“i’m ready for anyone to retaliate,those against the congress do not want the game to flourish,all they are doing is just politics but im telling them that it is bad to do that”

The Ghana Football Association congress is scheduled for Tuesday September 1,2020.

Paa Kweku Eshun

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