Retailers of recharge cards lament scarcity on market

Retailers of mobile recharge cards have bemoaned the shortfall in the number of floating mobile recharge cards in the country.

Particularly, they are complaining about the short supply of the one Ghana cedis card of the various networks, which is the most sought after by consumers.

According to them, telecommunication companies are not producing much to meet with the increasing demands for recharge cards by consumers.

These retailers have said that the situation is having a negative impact on their business.

Though there are alternatives for airtime transactions, the retailers explain that it is time-consuming and sometimes drives their customers, who are impatient, away.

“The shortage of credit nowadays is going to affect my sales. Apart from the credit cards, one can also use the mobile medium to transfer but that medium is also time wasting. You always have customers crowded on you, meanwhile if the credit card is hanging, you just pick, the person pays, and that will be all. One cedi is the main issue right now. Most people do buy one cedi to top up,”” one retailer told UniversBusiness.

Further, the retailers called on the various telecommunication networks in the country to act swiftly to address the situation and put in place measures to curb possible future occurrences.


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