Hay Yartey believes #1goal #1passion #1project will bring further youth development to the club

President of Ghana Division Two side Cheetah FC, Hay Yartey, has said his club’s infrastructure project ‘#1goal #1passion #1project’ will aid the side in developing more talent for the country.

Speaking to ClassFM the experienced sports administrator revealed that the project is going well “It is going well, we’ve acquired 45-acre of land that we want to develop and that is the one goal, one passion, one project. We want to put some infrastructures in place to continue developing young talent.”

“We don’t have a timeline, we are a very small developing club and we are still on the first phase of the project and for us, the first phase of the project is to actually see to it that we have the pitches laid, so we are on it.


Yartey spoke further on how the project will aid the club’s mission to develop talent saying “We’ve adopted the Kasoa Pitch since our formation in 2009, 11 years ago, since then we have produced a lot of players; we have players that have served the national teams, we have players that have moved to Europe all being developed on the Kasoa Pitch.”

“One of my workers will say that it’s in a horrible state [Kasoa Pitch], so if we are able to develop on such a pitch, it means that if we have good facilities in place probably we can do 2x or 3x of players that we’ve developed.” Yartey further said

Cheetah FC under the leadership of President, bankroller and founder, Abdul Hay Yartey, has contributed immensely to the workforce of the footballing community, producing some top-class talent who are now plying their trade in Europe and the rest of the world.

Notable among these players is Newcastle United’s Christian Atsu who is a key player for the senior national men’s football team, the Black Stars. Other notable names produced by Cheetah FC include Alhassan Wakaso, Mohammed Iddriss, Emmanuel Toku and Ernest Ohemeng among others.

by Leroy Hawkson|TalksAfrica.com

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