Poor management caused us – former NIB MD

Former Deputy Managing Director (MD) of the National Investment Bank (NIB) Alfred Thompson has reacted to the state of the bank during his tenure attributing their woes to poor management structures put in place in running the affairs of the reputable company.

Mr.Alfred Thompson who left the bank over health conditions in 2019 disclosed this in an interview with Happy FM’s host Samuel Eshun monitored by Talksafrica.com.

According to him the bank was unable to reclaim most of its loans and that affected the company.

“The poor managerial skills that went on and their inability to reclaim most of their loans is what has affected their (NIB) finances and that is why the fortunes of the bank started dwindling around 2014/15,” he said

The banker believes that with the current cushion from the government, the bank will be strong again and bounce back to achieve its mandate of supporting small industries.

“But now that measures have been put in place to revive the bank, things will keep on getting better and better,” he said.

Alfred Thompson urged Ghanaians to give the bank a second chance by keeping their investment in there and to get more people to save with the bank.

“The bank is being put on the right footing and the staff want to turn it around. They need the support of Ghanaians to do well. It is only if you support your own that the bank will make profit and so we need to deposit with NIB.”

The bank has not been able to retrieve some of its loans from defaulting customers and currently has a capital deficit.

Paa kweku Eshun Talksafrica.com

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