Why Ghanaians hate putting on the nose mask

COVID-19 has been a bane in crippling most economies in the world including Ghana.In line with that,the World Health Organisation has entreated people around the world to put on face or nose mask to prevent the spread of the diseases but many Ghanaians shy away from observing the protocol.

President Akufo Addo signed a law (E.I164) that criminalizes the act of not wearing a face mask that fully covers the mouth and nose in public places.

The law states that those who are found guilty will be fined a minimum of 12000 cedis ($2000) or a maximum of 60000 cedis ($1000), or will be sentenced to spend between four and 10 years in prison.

This law seem not scare some Ghanaians regardless the punishment that comes with it.

Talksafrica.com engaged some fishing folks in James Town and Chorkor to know why they decide not to put on the nose mask.

Adjeley,a fishmonger in Chorkor said the nose mask makes her feel uncomfortable and unease.To her, she cannot put on the necessary make up going to the market.

She added that,the nose mask also prevent her costumers from recognizing her let alone to purchase her goods in the market.

“I have stopped putting on the nose mask because its not helping me a bit,i’m a lady so i have to look nice but the nose mask will wipe of any make up i do.it also prevent people from reaching out to me to buy my stuff in the market”She said  

To some Fishermen in the area,we were made to understand that,the disease never existed and if its existed then its for the affluent.

Others also indicated that,the nose mask prevent them from breathing properly which will eventually kill them out of suffocation.

“I will not put that thing,i will protect myself from the disease.You see i cant die because i cannot breath”

Ghana’s COVID-19 cases as at Today September 11,2020 is 45,313 with 283 death.

Paa Kweku Eshun Talksafrica.com

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