Create database for convicted criminals – Security analyst urges Ghana Police Service

Security analyst, Vladimir Antwi Danso, has called on the Ghana Police Service to intensify their methodology for prevention, arrest, and prosecution of criminals.

Mr. Danso mentioned that the laws governing the possession of arms is not being enforced thus the increase in the proliferation of illicit firearms in the country.

He however opined that the Ghana Police Service (GPS) needs to develop and adopt a database for convicted criminals in order to make criminal investigations faster and convenient.

The security Analyst made these comments on the back of recent reports of murder and theft cases such as the hijacking of a bullion van consisting of money meant for distribution to banks around Kumasi and the murder of the University of Ghana law school professor at his mansion.

“But for us in the field, it is a one-stop-shop for criminal investigation because with the law lecturer for example, if we get a small fingerprint in the area and subject it to the database, we will get the person within 3 or 4 minutes” He said

Furthermore, Mr. Danso expressed his worry over the increasing cases of crime in Ghana following these occurring incidence.

According to him, frequent security lapses in the country could be attributed to indiscipline, lack of resources, and personnel in the police service in the country.

“But it is a very worrisome situation. And I have countless occasions spoken about indiscipline in our society. I have spoken also about the fact that we are not very security conscious and so when something is even going on we are unable to observe and call the police etc. The very fact that we are not security conscious, the very fact that we are is so much indiscipline in our society creates a security siege for the country. And again, we have a police force which is less than what we should normally have. There are training and resource, so we are now getting to the situation where very soon it is like we will become a country of heinous crimes like South Africa, the US, and so we need to be worried.” he added

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