Forrester speaks following IWF Athletes’ Commission nomination

Following UK-based Ghanaian weightlifter, Christopher Osei Forrester’s nomination by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) to serve as a member of its newly constituted Athletes’ Commission, we got in touch with the athlete to get his thoughts and feelings following the announcement.

“I am really excited and very happy in relation to what we can achieve moving forward for the whole African continent. So I am really excited and looking forward to the changes and the difference that we can make in relation to helping athletes grow and also develop themselves as a brand”


“We aim to achieve quite a lot moving forward, I know expectations will be high but hopefully we can achieve all our goals that we set out to achieve in regards to the betterment of all athletes in the African region.”

Forrester was one of the two candidates nominated to represent the African continent on the commission the other being Mona Pretorius from South Africa.


Asia will be represented by Lyu Xiaojun (China) and Hiromi Miyake(Japan) while Europe will be represented by Jurgen Spiess (Germany) and Dora Tchakounte (France). Oceania will have Damon Kelly (Australia) and Megan Ann signal (New Zealand), Pan America also have Fernando Reis (Brazil) and Marina de la Caridad Rodriguez Mitjan (Cuba) as reps.

In a statement issued and signed by the IWF Interim President, Ursula Garza Papandrea, she stated her confidence in the athletes chosen for the commission saying “I would like to again thank the athletes. The quality and calibre of the candidates give me confidence that our sport has a bright future in your hands.”

by Leroy Hawkson|

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