Where did you now get the cash to pay depositors-Adongo Queries

Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Isaac Adongo has queried the NPP government on how it raised the GHC3.56 billion to settle all locked up funds of customers of the collapsed financial firms.

This was in response to government’s announcement of paying all customers whose outstanding investments were yet to be paid following the withdrawal of the licenses of those firms.

Mr Adongo in a facebook post cited by Talksafrica.com the Member of Parliament said,

Thank you JM for your people’s manifesto.

So the 2% they claimed was the only outstanding is now worth over Ghc3.56 billion or is it the worthless papers they wickedly gave to depositors at no interest for 5 years when Akufo Adoo would not have had to pay?

God has blessed depositors with JM to safe them from these wicked people.

What of the depositors of the fund management companies worth over Ghc12.5 billion?

When are you paying them or you dont know its in the people’s manifesto?

Your quest to collapse everyone to grow Databank has destroyed so many homes, killed depositors and employees,, put people out of work and burdened the public purse in excess of Ghc22 billion.

How can Databank which for 16 years from 1995 to 2016 could only mobilise Ghc2 billion asset under management suddenly now increase asset under management to Ghc6 billion in less than 4 years (200% growth) after its former Vice President, Ogbamey Tetteh was sent to SEC as Director General, leading to the deliberare collapse of Databank competitors such as Dr Duffour, Dr Nduom etc?

Ghana is not for a few Akyem Sakawa Boys and the Sakawa Kingpin.

Paa Kweku Eshun Talksafrica.com

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