Expansion of power capacity by the NDC pointless-Amin Adam

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam,Deputy Energy Minister has said the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) promise to increase power generation capacity when given the nod in the December elections.

According to him Ghana is already battling with issues of excess power capacity generated by the NDC when in office.

He said he was expecting his opponent to give out necessary solutions to the energy crisis in the country.

“The NDC, our friends are making a new promise on expanding capacity. One of the major challenges in the energy sector now is the issue of excess capacity, and so I was expecting that they will tell Ghanaians how they intend addressing the excess capacity; a problem which was created by them actually.”

He made this statement when Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express.

Dr Amin stated that,the NDC government’s quest to solve dumsor saw it signed a number of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that required independent power producers to generate power for the country.

“They signed several power purchase agreements,at the last count 42 power purchase agreements that require different power companies to put up power plants to generate power.”he said

He added that the excess power generated costs the country approximately half a billion United States dollars annually even though the country does not need it.

“It is not just power that is not needed, but power that we have to pay for, even though we have no need for that power. Today what we have is excess capacity charges that Ghana has to pay”he added


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