We have just a version of exam questions for one subject – WAEC

Head of the Public Affair Unit of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Agnes Teye Cudjoe has indicated that they do not set two sets of exam questions for a particular subject.

Many have the perception that the examination body do set multiple questions for a particular subject which can be used in case there is a leak ahead of the exams.

But According to the Head, Public Affair Unit of WAEC, such exercise is not possible and feasible.

That perception that WAEC sets multiple exam questions for a particular subject is never true. This year we have about 530,000 candidates so how can we print 530,000 questions times two or three. It is not possible, there’s never any version of a particular subject exam question.

“It is only one version, if it leaks nothing can be done about it. We can’t have our officials on the field with two or three sets of questions so that when something happens we’ll say, hey, change and give the candidates the other set. It is just not possible”he said

She opined that,perpetrators who had been taken shots of the questions with their mobile phones have been arrested and being interrogated.

A total of 531, 705 final years Junior High School students from 16,000 schools across the country are writing this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Paa Kweku Eshun Talksafrica.com

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