Ghana’s Economy dwindling under Akufo Addo-Mahama

Flag-bearer for the opposition National Democratic Congress John Dramani Mahama has stated that,the NPP-Akufo-Addo-led government is shrinking Ghana’s economy after the taking over a very successful one.

The former president in a post on Facebook queried the current government’s records when it comes to the economy, He said “In 2012, the size of Ghana’s economy was 41.6 billion dollars. In 2016, on my watch as president it was 54.5 billion dollars – a nominal change of 13 billion dollars in 4 years.

This year, 2020, on the watch of Akufo-Addo as president, Ghana’s economy is projected to be somewhere 66 billion dollars, which means the NPP government in four years changed the size of the economy by 11 billion dollars – note in 4 years; 13 billion dollars under my watch and 11 billion dollars under NPP. This is what the data says, and it is verifiable. You can examine the data for yourselves.”

He said that in all the government has borrowed GHC 140 billion since it came to power but nothing is there to show for it unlike him who borrowed GH¢54 billion during his tenure and used it for the various infrastructural development in the country.

“This government has meanwhile borrowed GH¢140 billion as against GH¢54 billion during my presidency.”

Below is the post of the former president

Paa Kweku Eshun

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