88-year-old dies amid nurses’ strike

An 88-year-old woman named Uginlen Nabuja from Parambo in the Pru East District in the Bono East Region has died at the Mathias Catholic Hospital’s emergency unit due to the strike of the Nurses.

The strike by the Ghana Registered Nursing and Midwives Association of Ghana (GRNMA), took effect on Monday, September 21, 2020

This has left patients across the country stranded and without healthcare.

According to Citi News monitored by Talksafrica.com several patients with critical health conditions have apparently been left to their own fate.

A GRNMA regional executive, Mr Mark Otoo said this is happening because there is no one at post to see to these patients

A patient at the Mathias Catholic Hospital, Mr Samuel Nana Aquah expressed his fears over the strike action.

We the patients will genuinely suffer in respect to the continuity of the drugs that they were giving us because they will now stop it.”

Another patient, Agnes Sarfo, pleaded with the government to heed to the nurses’ demands else more patients will die.

“None of the nurses are here. When we asked them, they said the government wasn’t paying them, so they would also not work, but we are sick. We plead with the government to heed to their demands because we are dying.”

The Atebubu District Hospital, Kwame Danso District Hospital among others in the Bono East Region had empty Out-Patient’s Departments as the strike sees full enforcement.


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