Ablakwa Condemns Armed Invasion in North Tongu Constituency

Former Deputy Minister and MP for North Tongu Constituency Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa has vehemently condemned armed invasion in his constituency in the wee hours of Saturday, September 26.

On his Facebook Wall post sighted by Talks Africa Media, He said: “Never have we experienced this level of violent siege and display of outright impunity with law enforcement appearing helpless even as some of their counterparts became victims.”

To the legislator, the least they can do is to demand answers from the state and assurances of better protection of citizens as is their constitutional right.

In the interim, Ablakwa appealed to his beloved constituents to exercise much restraint, stressing that, their thoughts and prayers are with the injured and hospitalized as they continue to assess the extent of casualties.

He emphasized that they hope they can count on the state to undertake credible and impartial investigations to unravel the real motives and the true masterminds behind this violent incursion.

Ablakwa assured his constituents that, they shall not permit violent elements to destabilize the peace and tranquillity they cherish so greatly.

In his concluding remarks, he further prayed that North Tongu shall continue to rise, by the Lord’s Grace and Mercies.

Source: Muftaw Iddrisu | Talks Africa Media

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