You Need to Read This Article Endorsed by Mahama About EC’s Biometric Technology!

The flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress John Dramani Mahama has publicly endorsed an article by George Atta-Boateng on EC’s Biometric Technology.

“A typical Database Management System(DBMS) has what we call PRIMARY KEY” is the title of article by George Atta-Boateng.

The article was endorsed through reposting by the former President on his Facebook Wall sighted by Talks Africa Media with the caption “An intelligent article by George Atta-Boateng”

Read full article by George Atta-Boateng below:

A typical Database Management System(DBMS) has what we call PRIMARY KEY.

This KEY uniquely identifies any person or a set of records on a person in any database. So your Passport, Bank Account and Drivers license numbers are all PRIMARY KEYS.

For instance, when you walk into a Bank, and the Teller asks of your Account Number, s/he is indirectly asking of your PRIMARY KEY, and will talk to the bank’s database with your number/ PRIMARY KEY. After that, your unique data is pulled for transactions to commence.

Has your Bank ever told you that you share the same account number with another customer?Imagine sharing the same account number with a rich man like me? LoL.

Have you ever been told by the Passoprt office or DVLA that you share the same numbers with other license holders? NO. Because these numbers are uniquely generated for a customer/applicant/license holder and cannot be duplicated in any efficient database.Its illogical to say the least.

Its therefore unfathomable, that a so called Biometric Voters’ Registration Database of almost 17 million people( with voters’ bio-data, eyes, fingers and thumbs in its storage) can have duplicates of Voter ID numbers/Primary Keys. This does not make sense. It defies the logic of computer science.

These are the effects of hastily and poorly implemented Biometric Technology and not the causes of any administrative errors. We warned. Didnt we?

Going forward, can we begin to ask some questions?

  1. What is the status of the new Datacenter proposed by the EC? Has it been completed or it’s still under construction? Any update?

  2. Where is the old Datacenter? Can it stand the heat in all of this? Any update?

  3. Can the EC swallow its pride and make use of the state of the art Tier-3 National Datacenter – the best and the biggest in West Africa; Which was built by John Mahama to accommodate our digital storage needs as a country? A stitch in time save nine.

By: Muftaw Iddrisu | Talks Africa Media

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