Duke Micah’s loss to Casmeiro ‘understandable’ – Joseph Agbeko

Former IBO Bantamweight champion Joseph Agbeko has lashed out at Ghanaians who have labeled Duke Micah’s performance in the recent WBO Bantamweight title challenge as disappointing, insisting that the boxer came up against a more fierce opposition.

Duke Micah’s quest to clinch the WBO Bantamweight title hit a snag as he suffered a Technical Knockout to Phillipino John Riel Casmeiro in the third round of the all-important bout.

Speaking at the Sport Express Show on Radio Univers monitored by Talksafrica.com, Joseph Agbeko disclosed that Philipino Boxer was a former teammate and a personal friend he trained with, and believes that he is the most lethal boxer in the division.

“I know Casmeiro very well. We’ve trained in the same team for so long and fought before. He is the most dangerous boxer in the Bantamweight right now, the toughest. I don’t see anything wrong with him losing the fight. What he needs to do is to get some rest, come back to the drawing table, learn a lot of techniques and take a couple of fights again, then he can become a world champion again.”

 Duke Micah who is nicknamed the ‘Baby Face terminator’ was undefeated in his last 24 bouts prior to the defeat John Riel Casmeiro last Saturday at Connecticut.

Micahinactive for almost a year, due to challenges with his promoters, however two significant wins against Janiel Rivera and Luis Suarez Cruz made him number one contender for the WBO Bantamweight title.

Joseph Agbeko who did endure sure difficult moments in his career said that a lot of world champions had gone through such rough paths their careers and Micah’s situation was not new.

“Andrew Golgota lost as a WBC Heavyweight challenger to the then champion Lenox Lewis in the first round, so this is not new”

 Duke Micah who competed in the Men’s Flyweight division at the Olympic games in 2012 will be hooing to bounce back from the set back and mount another world title challenge.


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