Passengers lament intermittent changes in transport fares

There has been a surge in the complaints of transport fares by passengers in the Greater Accra Region. These complaints come after transport operators agreed to reduce transport fares by a 10% margin in August 2020.

Speaking to UniversNews monitored by,some Ghanaians lamented the unfair treatment meted on them by drivers over the past few days.

A lady said“I took a car from Shiashie to Legon campus and I was charged 2ghana cedis but sometimes the mates take 1 cedi or 1.20 but I know that from Shiashie to Madina is 2cedis so I started arguing with the mate. I sometimes don’t why the government has said there is a reduction and drivers don’t want to adhere to it”. One said.

“I do experience such changes it seems as if there is no consistency in the transport fares where you will take the vehicle and where you will alight at, and this mostly creates conflict between the drivers and the passengers, so you know you are cheated of 20 pesewas and you argue to no avail,” another said.

“For me, I’m always cheated and I don’t know to tell the mate sometimes because I pick the car from the same place all the time and always change in fares, I don’t know why the police are not catching such drivers for disrespecting the president’s directives”.

Responding to the grievances of passengers, some drivers spoke to UniversNews on factors contributing to the intermittent changes in transport fares.

“Transport fares changed because of the price of fuel. Before they realize it the price of fuel has gone up which affects the transport fares so you can’t blame us but the government if they reduce fuel prices we too will not increase prices.”

“It’s not our fault oo, we get the prices from GPRTU so whatever they say we do it. The prices were reduced after the lockdown down but the fuel prices always keep moving up and we need to feed our families so we also increase fares.”

“I don’t understand passengers they always want you to reduce the prices, whatever you do for them they are not appreciative of it.” another said.

In light of some conversations with passengers and drivers, Vice Chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union Mr. Robert Sarbah claimed that the union had no information about the intermittent change in prices.

“I’m saying that GPRTU and other Unions alike have not received any information about changes in transport fares. there has not been an increase in transport fares for the last two weeks, so GPRTU and other unions have not increased fares”.

Further speaking Mr. Sarbah indicates that there will be an investigation in the unapproved increase in transport fares.

Drivers however plead with the government to reduce fuel prices.

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