MTTD cautions motorists against flouting road traffic rules and regulations

The Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has warned that it will arrest and prosecute motorists who fail to comply with traffic rules and regulations.

The Head of Education, Research and Training at the Directorate Superintendent Alex Obeng speaking to Universnews monitored by said security personnel would arrest drivers who use pathways designated for pedestrians.

According to him, the Police will not take it lightly with offenders.

“I will take this opportunity to warn all motorists and admonish all vehicle owners to warn their drivers to refrain from getting on designated places for pedestrians and use the road way rather other wise they will not have it easy with us,” he warned.

He indicated that “pedestrians have conducted themselves very well as compared to last year, according to the data, pedestrians death has significantly reduced to 14.0%; that is clear indication of the support we have had from the media in sensitizing pedestrians to use the road appropriately where is designated for them.”

Supt. Obeng passengers and pedestrians to keep motorists in check and help push police investigations.

“What the pedestrian can do and all of us can do is the road law empowers us to quickly inform the police who have the responsibility to ensure that road are used appropriately by road users, so lodging complaints is critical, taking down evidence is critical, alerting the police officer nearby is critical,“ he said.

He continued, “since it’s becoming a challenge I will also admonish traffic police along the roads to add it to their schedule and look out, detect, arrest motorists and drivers who flout the rules, so they have their day in court.”

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