Expect more Rains in the coming days – GMA

Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) Felicity Ahafianyo has stated that,Ghanaians should brace up for more rains in the coming days.

According to her the rains can set in anytime till the end of October.

She made these assertions when speaking to TV3‘s Midday news monitored by Talksafrica.com.

She said every region of the country has been forecast to experience heavy rainfalls in the coming days.

This comes after heavy downpour in the early hours of Saturday October 10,2020 which rendered several areas in the Greater Accra Region flooded.

The officer in charge of central analysis at GMA said it may be just the beginning of more rains to come

“From today to tomorrow, rain is still in the forecast,We will have rains up to the end of October,And the point here is that almost all the regions is still in the forecast for rains.”She said

She, however, stopped short of indicating the degree of rainfall to be experienced despite recent downpours causing floods.

“For now, in general terms, yes, there is rain for every area in all the regions that I have mentioned. If they don’t get it today, tomorrow they will get it.”


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