Don’t Panic,We won’t experience heavy rainfall in coming weeks –GMA

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) has allayed fears of heavy rainfall in the coming days.

The Agency indicated that the intensity of rain in various parts of the country is expected to decline.

This comes after Saturday, torrential rains caused flooding in parts of the Greater Accra and Central regions, displacing many.

Speaking to UniversNews monitored by Public Relations Officer of the Agency, Papa Nii Clarke, urged the public not to panic.

He explained that only intermittent drizzles and showers will be experienced.

“As it stands now, we will not be experiencing heavy rainfall, because we are in the minor season, we will be experiencing slight intermittent rain, drizzles or showers late in the afternoon…that will be the pattern, so the public should not panic that we are going to experience what happened over the weekend,” he said.

He added that the minor season of rains will end in the second week of November.

“For the southern sector, we have two seasons, we have the major and minor; the major starts from March and ends in July and the minor starts in September and it ends in the second week of November, so what we are experiencing currently is the minor season,” he explained.

Papa Nii Clarke also indicated that “for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, what we experienced was a maritime instability; the formation of the clouds got to a point of condensation, it condensed and came back to us as rainfall, so the intensity was because we had the clouds with us.”

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