Information Minister Reacts to Govt Official’s Arrest In UK In relation to £26million

Minister for Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has rubbished claim of government officials arrest in the United Kingdom over £26million cash.

Speaking in an interview on Takoradi-based Skyy Power FM on Monday, the Minister accused the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of fabricating the news as part of their planned propaganda ahead of the December 7, polls.

According to him, no government official has been arrested in the UK. Adding that, it is a total fabrication and we are clear in our minds that it is a fabrication by the NDC and it is part of their strategy for these last eight weeks where they will churning out a lot of fabrication, lies, and fake audiotapes.

“We are clear in our minds that it is the NDC for one or two reasons. The first person to articulate it publicly is the Honorable Inusah Fusieni, an NDC Member of Parliament.”

He explained that, they are the ones who are championing it and articulating it on their online media platforms including Radio Gold online. And now you can also find that there is a fake audiotape that purports to be a piece of international news broadcast on it which is being circulated since last night.

In his conclusion remarks called on all the media and the general Ghanaian public to not fall for these fabrications and fake doctored or cooked up tapes that they are going to be churning out in the next eight weeks as we get ready for the elections.

By: Talks Africa Media

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