Local trainers bring the best out of Ghanaian boxers – Joseph Agbeko

Former International Boxing Federation (IBF) Champion, Joseph “the King Kong” Agbeko, has described the components of a good technical corner.

According to him, for Ghanaian boxers, when you have a local trainer in your corner, it brings some level of encouragement to you as a boxer.

“In any boxing match, you need some voices in your technical corner, some trainers who know you more, some trainers who are from Ghana and speak the local language so when you are down in the ring they can encourage you and motivate you in order to push harder,” he said.

Speaking on the Sports Express Show on Radio Univers monitored by Talksafrica.com, the former professional boxer explained that the corner of a boxer is very important.

Citing the match between John Riel Casemiero versus Duke Micah, Agbeko stated that the technical corner played a huge role since it was a championship fight.

Over the last 24 months, the Ghanaian Boxing fraternity has lost three (3) world title fights, recently being the third-round knockout by John Riel Casemiero to Duke Micah.

Before the knockout, Duke Micah was on 24 matches unbeaten streak and was tipped by Ghanaians and fans alike to win the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Title.


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